A quick update..

Yes, I know its been a while. Thinking of and writing blog post takes a lot more time and effort then you may think though (of course, if you're a blogger yourself you already know this!).

Unfortunately It's been a bit hectic for me at the moment. What with my band practising twice a week, coming down with shingles, working way too much (and still always being skint) and getting out at the weekends (maybe that's why?), I've found precious little time to play, let alone blog about, Warhammer.

I have been able to sample defending a keep after the addition of the second ramp, and I have to say it makes it a lot more interesting, if difficult, to fend off attackers. the choice of routes keeps you on your toes and always wondering "should I go check the other ramp?". Both times I defended a keep we used a fairly simple tactic consisting of 'run between each ramp and see where the enemy's coming from' which worked for us but probably wouldn't against a more cunning Warband, or if we had been outnumbered.

To me combat still feels a bit disjointed with delays before abilities firing, and I really haven't noticed much of a difference in the animations or smoothness when in combat. The new social windows neater than before and on the whole I think its an improvement, though I cant say I've needed the 'recently interacted with' feature. On the whole an OK patch from Mythic, I cant experience how its affected the city sieges but from what I've read it seems mainly positive so I guess its a +1 to mythic for a fairly decent patch.

In other news, I've joined up with a guild called Havoc who have been around for a looong time (I think they're one of the oldest Destro guilds on the server) and they seem like a nice bunch of people. Mainly focused on the endgame RvR and instance runs, I'm gonna have to get my Chosen to 40 asap so I can join in the fun.

Oh, and cant forget to mention that Rivs of a High Latency Life has decided to dip his foot back in the tepid waters of WAR and start up his old Way of the Chosen blog. I used to enjoy reading his posts there and will be following how does. You should too :).