downtime blues

So im sat here waiting for this huuuge new patch to download, even though I thought I'd been clever and downloaded the bulk of it last night. Just skimming through the notes, I'm liking the sound of the improved performance for the animations. My rig isn't the best in the world and on balanced settings with 2x forced anti-aliasing it gets pretty choppy when the PvP heats up. Hopefully this will be sorted but I'll have to wait and hope for now.

In other news I've been enjoying oRvR over the past few days, there's definately more of a drive to keep hold of the zone after all the objectives have been capped to get that sweet lockdown bonus. This has led to some pretty determined scraps between Order and Destro in tier 2, the only problem is when Order doesn't come out and play, it can get a bit boring waiting around in the RvR lakes waiting for scenarios to pop.

My only negative experience so far has been trying to take the keep in Shadowlands- a small army of destro had assembled in all its vile glory before the keep doors, only to be held at bay for what seemed like an eternity by battlements quite literally bristling with Order scum, cackling gleefully through mouthfulls of juicy renown points as they farmed us for all we were worth. Seemingly no amount of focus firing at the oil would destroy it and try as we might we just couldnt get though the gates without being mown down by a torrent of righteous flame and AoE spammage from the bright wizards and friends.

I'm really hoping that the extra ramp added to the keeps in 1.3.1 will help even the odds when there's a lot of defenders, but then I think it'll also make it nearly impossible for a small group to defend against a much larger one without being over-run. The question is will the improvements outweigh the negatives? this WARrior says an optimistic, and possibly uncertain yes.

Ahh, the patchers at 90%, time enough to squeeze in an hour (or so) before bed :)

*EDIT* Had a quick play last night and got a few impressions of patch 1.3.1 i want to jot down. I'll have a longer session tonight and write my initial thoughts up soon.