It's been a long time..

My curiositys got the better of me, I'm coming back to WAR!

I've been keeping up to speed with whats been going on in the game and it sounds like Mythic are trying their damndest to sort out the problems that the players are bringing up, and it sounds like they're putting a fair bit of thought into it too. I've had a niggling urge to re-sub for a few weeks now and I finally caved in. Never been one to resist temptation :)

So, I'll be posting the odd musing and how I'm finding the game now. I doubt anyone still checks this blog but I enjoy writing my thoughts down every now and again, it seems to help me organise what I'm feeling into something that makes sense.

Seeing as its still summer I'll probably be playing prettey casually untill the nights start to draw in and the weather turns back to being typically British but ill still try and put up a couple of posts a week and take it from there.

Karak-Norn watch out, I'm back!