Chosen unite! time to get this put onto the live servers!

After the final comment on my last post bemoaning the lack of attention given to the Chosen career recently, it would seem that Mythic obvioulsy read my blog and do whatever I suggest. They are planning on introducing a pretty interesting change to the test server, the full details of which are here but for those of you who have ADHD, the attention span of a goldfish or are just plain lazy I'll summarise it here:


This is great. In fact its more then great. Its so great I nearly stood up and cheered when I read it at work (ok, maybe not quite that good). It's definately made me excited about playing my chosen in RvR in future. I've had a growing feeling of not being very useful in RvR and keep takes since I hit T2. It seems that a tanks life consists of:

  • Spamming 'hold the line' while the Rdps take out the oil and enemy players on the keep walls.

  • Battering an inanimate object untill it breaks (with a few respawns in the proccess).

  • Then, once the fun bit starts not being able to do enough damage to be that usefull (and even more runs back to the keep).

This change to health regen will mean the higher toughness that is inherrantly present with tanks will increase our survivability, hopefully by a noticable amount. Because we have a low damage output we need a longer time to bash away at enemy players and need to last as long as possible to maximise the pain! I really hope this will mean Tanks can last longer in PvP, 'cos that would mean we can fulfill our roles more effectively.

I cant envision this majorly unbalancing the game. DPS specced tanks will stack mainly strength, so they still have a higher damage output and wont benefit nearly as much from the toughness regeneration, but will have lower chance to be critically hit with the weapons skill changes. Obviously this will help, but only marginally. It would be nice to see a small improvement to the damage of a 2H weilding DPS spec chosen but I'm not expecting it to happen.

The sword n' board tanks will last longer in PvP, as well as PvE (handy for tanking those Champs/Heros) and will be able to spend longer harassing the enemy healers or playing guardian to MDPS'ers in RvR and Scenarios.

Im definately going to get onto the test server when these go onto it to see how much of an effect it has, in the meantime all you fellow tanks out there should let mthic know if you think its a good idea. My first thoughts on this are very positive, as you can tell.