Too much to do, too little time....

Unfortunately due to work and social type stuff taking up a lot of my time, the fact that it’s the end of the football (soccer) season and there are a lot of games being shown on TV, I’ve not managed to find much time for any proper sessions on WAR. Thankfully the due to the fairly casual friendliness of the game I’ve been able to log on most nights just for a scenario or two or some PQ’s. It’s still been fun even if I’m only on for half an hour or so, my only annoyance is that playing oRVR for such a short amount of time is pretty pointless and as much as I’d love to crush some order skulls, half an hour just isn’t long enough to really get into it.

Athekkhar dinged Lvl 17, RR 15 (half way to 16) last night, the rate it’s going is definitely slowing down, I’m not too bothered though. Tier 2 has been good so far and I’ve heard that in T3 the AoE spammage really starts and it’s pretty tough as a melee character at the moment.

Fortunately for me it’s bank holiday weekend, and after working some overtime today, watching the Wolves (yay!) play Southampton (boo!), then seeing the other half tomorrow I should have 4 days in which I can spend a disgustingly large proportion of my time playing WAR.


*update* Wolves beat Southampton 3-0, oh the sweet success :D