Does what it sez on th tin guv'

Ahh, the Joy of a good tank wall. This was taken in mandreds hold tonight, it was the last keep in T2 that destruction owned. 2 WB's of us made a stand against the hoards of order and managed to cut them down on the stairs before any of them could get to the keep lord. After their initial push, which broke like water against our wall of steel, they seemed somewhat reluctant to try it again and ended up buggering off before the the keep doors had closed! We were on a roll after that, went and took Stonetroll keep in about 15 minutes and then all the BO's before I had to call it a night. How I wish I didnt have work tomorrow!

P.S thats me with the blue pauldrons. Still not got any new ones even though we took 3 keeps over the night, I must be the unluckiest roller on the server.