After all those keep takes, I somehow managed to get first in the contribution and still come third after the 'vegas roll'. Finally completed the Obliterator set, even though I've got a better chest piece now :).

The live event has definately improved the ORvR (in the Marshes of Madness anway). Lots of skirmishes and 1v1's happening around there tonight. To tell you the truth it's great fun as well. For a bit of an update on how I'm progressing in the game, Athekkhar dinged Lv 21, RR 19 tonight, and my other Character Gazgreb (a Shaman) is now Lv. 15 RR 15. Above is a nice picture of Athekkhar in his Obliterator set and all colour coordinated gear. Don't he look 'ard eh?

I joined a guild on Karak-Norn called Hosemen of the Apocalypse (HoA). They're a nice friendly bunch focused on oRvR (which sits perfectly with me), but do some organised alliance instances as well. If you play on Karak-Norn and love the thrill of oRvR look us up on the new fangled guild UI thinga-ma-bobby.