Why 14 hours is casual friendly.

First off I have to congratulate Destruction on Karak Eight-peaks for the massive accomplishment of the worlds first city capture! Great work you lot!

It seems that there's mixed feelings pervading the blogosphere about this- relief that the pinnacle of WAR endgame isn't completely broken and is possible with enough coordination. Also there's a lot of what I can only describe as disbelief that it took over 14 hours. Wall of text and Rainbow MMO seem to put these points across quite eloquently, while Incoming Pull has posted a good rebuttal to some of the concerns.

While I think there are valid points on both sides of the fence, I don't really believe that an undertaking of this magnitude taking so long is a bad thing at all. This is the ultimate goal of the game, and it should be something that everyone on the server can take a part in. If it only took as much time as an endgame raid in other MMO's lots of players may be at work or have other commitments that prevent them taking part at all. At least with something this long, even if it starts when you're busy (or not) at work you'll still get back in time to help out. Going for a meal with your partner? Doesn't matter, it'll probably still be going when you get back (If you don't mind missing out on the 'after dinner treat'). Putting the kids to bed? Its OK, missing an hour doesn't matter all that much.

It's in this respect I disagree with most of the other bloggers view of 14 hours being just for the uber elite, or the super dedicated. I think due to the nature of being able to drop in and out of the action when you need, and it not really affecting your sides chances of winning, makes it more casual friendly then many other MMO endgames.

Instead of players moaning that they never seem to be on line when the king falls, at least they can say 'I helped take keep X, I did my bit to help out'. And yes, most players will miss out on the 'phat lewt' the king drops, but surely being able to say 'I was there, I took part' is better then missing the whole thing completely.