10 days well spent!

Well my trial of WAR is coming to an end tomorrow, I thought I would let you all know what I've been up to and what I think of the game as it is now. Here's the characters I've been levelling:

Athekkhar – Lv 10 RR 10 Chosen

Masanith – Lv 10 RR 10 DoK

These have become my 2 main characters, initially I just planned on levelling athekkhar but out of all the alts I made the DoK was the one that I enjoyed playing the most. I also levelled up a Shaman, Choppa, Zealot, Warrior priest, Iron breaker and Sorcerer to between 5 – 8.

Tier 1 has been bustling the past 10 days and I've loved every second of playing. There's usually enough people around to do PQ's, plenty of RvR going off and scenario's popping regularly. I spent almost 4 hours in the RvR zone in Nordland tonight; BO's were changing hands, both sides were pushing forwards, eventually to be pushed back. We started with order keeping us just outside the warcamp before we managed to gradually push them right back to their own, and so it went back and forth most of the night. I think at its peak there were 2 war bands of about 15-20 players on each side. The battle raged and great fun was had by all.

The PvE side of the game, apart from the PQ's is still a bit lacklustre. The background to the quests is quite good, but the AI and pathing still seem a little off, much better then just after launch but still not quite right. The PQ's are excellent though now they have different difficulty levels, the fact that I could solo one in each area if I played at some god forsaken hour in the morning meant there was actually something to do while no one was about!

Frankly though, I don't really give a monkeys whether the questing system is shiny and polished, I want WAR! Brutal, bloody and intense WAR! Please Mythic, do something, anything, to reduce the lag and increase the performance (though for me it's not as bad as I hear other people making out) and I will give you cookies. Cookies for the, um..... cookie monster? (Paul, perhaps? )

I'll be buying the game tomorrow and starting on my conquest of tier 2. I've joined a nice friendly guild: Alpha Legion. They seem like a good bunch of players who focus mainly on RvR, hopefully I'll be chronicling our exploits against order in the not too distant future. Expect to hear more from this WARrior.