Happy Clappers R us

Before I write this post I should explain a bit about myself. I am an optimist. A hopelessly positive optimist. I will always look for the good in any situation and concentrate on the things that I like in almost everything I do. That goes from following football (the real football, or soccer to some folks), where my kind is known as a ‘happy clapper’, to my work. OK, so now I’ve admitted that I can start.

I just finished reading the transcript of the EU Dev chat that Regis has posted over at Wizards and Wenches, and I have to say it has given me a lot of hope about where Mythic are taking the game.

My Experience in T1 so far is that Mythic have vastly improved the game since launch (I only played the open beta and for about a week after), they have got rid of a huge amount of bugs, combat feels smoother and the abilities more responsive. Apothecary and cultivating are much improved (I even find them quite fun!) and in the dev chat they mentioned they will be looking at talisman making next. What’s more is that I haven’t had one, not one crash to desktop yet! Even in the Sea of Claws last night with a full WB, fighting around Festenplatz against at least 1 order WB I hardly experienced any stutter, only a small dip in FPS. It was a blast!

I think the game now is really where it should have been at launch. I guess Mythic probably didn’t have full control over the release date with EA looking over their shoulder, so I’m not going to blame them. Even though I’m still in T1 and most of the stuff doesn’t apply to me (yet) I am quite excited about several things mentioned in the dev chat:

Making the city sieges more RvR centric and less like PvE with enemy players harassing you.

Making the first city siege PQ Lord’s difficulty vary depending on how many defenders there is.

Balancing the AoE of BW/Sorc. This may take a few attempts for them to get right but from what I hear it needs to be done.

Improving the chance of getting a useable drop in RvR

More things to craft!

Lots of hints at making Keep sieges more fun & dynamic such as alternate entrances, moveable siege weapons etc.

And by ‘hint’ this is what I mean:

“Zeiden asked: Do you plan on implementing new ways of capturing a keep such as for example Choppa throwing catapults or breaking the walls instead of only the door or maybe moving Siege weapons?
osh_Mythic answers: Maybe. :)

Come on guys! The smiley face just gives it away! And makes me really want to know what they’ve got planned!
I know me and a lot of other new/returning players are having a blast in the lower tiers, I hear people commenting all the time in region chat that they’ve just upgraded their trial account or how much fun they’re having (as well as the odd stereotypical WoW player asking silly questions).

I’m confident that Mythic can and will get the issues with end game RvR fixed but its not going to happen overnight. For all the people complaining about it roll an alt and come have fun with us in T1 till then :).