On the other hand....

It seems as if just to remind me that as well as being fantastic healers keeping you alive in WAR, theres also the ones who don't seem to quite grasp what 'healing' actually means.

I decided to have a brief look round the Inevitable City after my unusually successful Khaines Embrace scenario. I took a few of the easy quests, went to the AH and took in the sights of a Lv 5 capitol city. Having noticed that the low level public quest was active (the one where you kill tormented and horrified souls), and seeing as I had to kill them anyway, I decided to participate. It was just me and 2 healers, a Disciple of Khaine and a Shaman. Throughout the PQ I only recieved one (yes ONE) heal which I actually had to ASK FOR!!

This was on the final stage where you kill the champion mob that spawns, I was doing my best to keep the aggro on me. It wasnt untill I was nearly dead that I noticed I wasn't being healed at all. What's more annoying is that both the DoK and Shammy were, quite literally, stood right next to me. All I got was a HoT after I'd asked "can someone heal me pls" but when that ran out.......nothing. No more heals for me, and was shortly followed by a long walk back the the PQ.

I guess coming top of the loot roll was a small consolation, even if it was just a green bag. Damn though, some healers just should have rolled WE's.