How to force Anti-aliasing in WAR..

I found an interesting little thing for people with Nvidia graphics cards tonight, I thought I'd share incase anyone doesnt know this already. Of course it could just be me being behind the times but hey, here goes.

I've read a few complaints about there not being any anti aliasing in WAR, but if you use an Nvidia card you can force anti aliasing using Nvidias managment programme. If you go onto Control Panel >> Nvidia Control Panel. Go onto Manage 3D settings on the menu on the left and then the programme settings tab. You should see a list of options like this (click for larger image):

First go to Add, then find the EXE file for your WAR install. Then on the list of options, under Antialiasing - Mode, select 'overide any application settings' and then your preferred mode from Antialiasing - Settings.

Click apply and your done, WAR now has its own graphics profile that forces AA! Easy as that :)

I tested it out tonight on 8x AA, and it looks a lot easier on the eye. There was a drop from 40-60 FPS to 20-40 FPS during PvE and around quest hubs, the most noticable difference was
in RvR (in about a 12 vs 12 fight). The FPS dropped to around a constant 12-15 FPS when in the thick of it. usually its around 30+ without AA. Its is a noticable difference but definately playable at the framerate. Large scale keep sieges may be a different matter though.

I 'm running a 9500GT with Dual core 3.16 Ghz processor so i dont know wether it would be playabe with forced AA on a lower end machine but hey, give it a try, it does look great with it on!