Non Gaming Girlfriend

Havent been on WAR for the last couple of days due to spending some time with the better half. I've been contemplating whether it's a good or bad thing that she has pretty much no interest in gaming at all.

On the one hand it does give me time away from PC's and forces me back into 'RL', but I've always wondered how different it would be if we both shared an interest in MMO's.

I did once get her to try WoW, back in the days I used to play it. After about 20 minutes killing wolves in the human starting area she quite confidently declared " this game is sooo boring, why the hell do you play it!?". Que me then trying (without succeeding) to explain that you have to develop your character to progress and most of the fun stuff came at higher levels.

"so why dont you just start at a higher level?"

Good question. And looks like one that Blizzard have asked themselves, and decided that it needs addressing with the DK starting at Lv.55. Guild wars previously took it even further by having the option to start a character that was already at level cap, but could only be used for PvP.

WAR has gone the opposite way to solve this, by making scenarios and RvR available almost immediately after you start the game. Bringing the content to the character, not the character to the content as it were. I much prefer it that way 'cause I'm admittedly a sucker for starting off having nothing and no skills and the feeling that you get when, say, you find your first shoulder armour and now your character looks 10 times harder!

So, she saw me playing WAR when she came round the other day and actually seemed to take an interest in it (one of here complaints about WoW was 'you can't kill the other people!'). She even went as far as to ask that if she installed it at her house, would we be able to play together over the internet?

Fingers crossed, 2 years of subtly trying to spark an interest in gaming may finally be coming to fruition. Oh happy days!