Blood for the blood god!

Had a fun evening doing some PQ's and RvR tonight in the Chaos T1, I ended up dying a hell of a lot in oRvR but it was fun for a while. I ran a couple of Khanies Embrace scenarios, and second time around I decided not to play tactically and just see how much damage I could lay down.

So, the blood lust consuming me, I hunted down all the squishy players I could find (and there was lots!). Rather to my surprise this is how I'd done in the end:

And he looked at the bleeding bodys strewn across the battlefield and was pleased.....

To be honest though, I think without Kogoma and Shoe pumping out the healing juice I never would ave lived long enough to dish out that amount of punishment. Props to you two, if I ever see you in game again you'll have my thanks 'in person' :)

Just goes to show, good healing is essential for the team, even though we did loose in the end as we left out alter totally undefended for order to sneak a capture in.

Next time..... next time.....